Carl Willis teaches you how to...

Generate 10-18 Leads Per Day For As Little As $.01 Per Lead In the Next 7 Days...Guaranteed!

Turn Facebook into your own personal sales machine!

FB Marketing for Small Business

Do you need more...?

  • leads
  • referrals
  • sales

You are about to discover the strategies and tactics that small business professionals are using to turn Facebook into their personal lead generation system.  Using these secrets, they are able to turn their Facebook friends into raving fans and loyal customers, who are ready to pull out their wallets and do business!  

In this course you will learn...

  • How to become irresistibly magnetic to your hottest prospects
  • How to actively promote your business without ticking off your friends
  • How to follow your hottest prospects and customers all over Facebook
  • How to connect with new prospects for as little as $.01 per click

Your time is valuable and your efforts must be productive.  Inside you will learn how to turn Facebook in to an unstoppable business building machine and how to automate the process, with minimal time expenditures on your part.

"I would advise any business owner needing to develop a web presence to attend your seminar."
Randy Nutt - Kinton Accounting

Until now this information was only available to my personal coaching clients in a live training workshop.  You now have the opportunity to own this information and apply it to your business.

8 Video Modules...

  • Attraction Marketing
  • Business Vs. Personal Pages
  • Defining Your Avatar
  • Automating the Process
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Q & A

$97  $7